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Nut-Date Pudding  
2 Cups Fresh Breadcrumbs  
2 tspn. Grated Lemon Rind  
1 Cup Light Brown Sugar  
1/2 Cup Chopped Pecan Nuts  
Extra 2 tblspns. Butter  
1 tspn. Cinnamon  
1/2 Cup Butter  
2 tspns. Baking Powder  
2 Cups Flour  
2 Cups Chopped Dates  
Pinch Salt  
1 tspn. Mixed Spice  
1 tspn. Ginger  
1 tspn. Bi-carb
Grease a large oven dish. Heat oven to 350o F. Cream butter and sugar very well. Soak bread crumbs in milk and add to creamed mixture. Add dates, lemon rind and nuts, mixed in flour and salt. Place mixture in prepared dish and dab with the extra butter. Bake for about an hour-and-a-quarter.

Serve with either caramel custard or lemon sauce.

One-quarter of the quantities given makes six small puddings in dariole moulds and is baked for only half-an-hour.

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